Festival of South African Dance - October 28, 2017

    Show runs  
  • October 28, 2017   thru
  • October 28, 2017
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$55, $45, $35, $25

Festival of South African Dance
The Gumboots and Pantsula Dance Companies
Ensemble of 20 Dancers and Musicians


From the author and director of internationally acclaimed theater production Spirit and Bones
and a well season industry veteran and art director Thapelo Motloung produces yet another
masterpiece of its time. A unique South African story which tells a tale of rural African men who come by train from all walks of life in search of greener pastures in the city of gold, Johannesburg.

PANTSULA was established in 1992 by Sello Reuben Modiga with the aim of creating innovative creative minds for economical South Africa. PANTSULA was established after realizing the talent around Orange Farm Youth. The group worked with 30 young talented teenagers around the community. REAL PANTSULA has traveled locally, provincially, nationally and internationally since its existence.

REAL ACTIONS PANTSULA is group of people with diverse skills and knowledge bounded together to form an entertainment and business centerpiece. For the past 10 years the group has learned a great deal through trial and error, captured knowledge and skills within the entertainment industry. Sello Modiga as an Organization Director believes in people and their abilities and since the group was established they already have proven records of experience, business profile and winning account with the two industries.